In Memory of Mark Hovind

My name is Cheryl Hovind, Mark's wife. Mark passed away Sunday night, February 5th. It was heart/pulmonary related, unexpected, and immediate.

Mark had a passion for his work and enjoyed working with all of his clients and reaching out to job seekers from all over the world through his volunteer work with the workshops that we held. Over his forty years of working in so many diversified arenas, he developed the Job Bait technique that improved the successful odds of landing that next job. He loved his work, and was blessed to be working with such talented individuals.

I do not have Mark's vast knowledge, experience, or skill set to continue his work. The free workshops are cancelled. However, I will be leaving his website up, temporarily, and the instructions on YouTube to help those that may be learning his fierce job hunting technique. Please feel free to email me at with questions or concerns. I ask that you be patient with me, as it may take a little time getting back to you.

Mark was a very honorable man and I know that he regrets not being able to get every single person out there back to work in careers that they would thrive in.

We will be celebrating his life at 2pm Sunday, February 12th, at the Wm. C. Warren Bldg., 405 E St., Auburn, WA 98002, located in the Veterans Memorial Park. There will be another gathering July 15th, 2012, at Sunrise on Mt. Rainier.

I am so blessed to have been a part of his life for almost twenty years.  I miss him dearly.

Looking for 6 or 7 Figure Job?

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Target the decision-makers most likely to hire you and send them a value proposition letter (without a resume). Use a website and video clip to interview while you sleep. For those who do it right:

  • 85% land a job in less than 90 days
  • 50% get multiple, simultaneous job offers
  • 15% have a job created for them

This is 6 times faster than networking, recruiters and job boards combined.

Some logic that might help you

How many businesses might want to hire you ... not today necessarily, but at some point in time? Thousands ... tens of thousands ... ?

Okay, how many of these businesses might need you right now, especially those that are near where you live? There will always be plenty because employers replace 38% of their employees every year due to normal turnover.

So, you have a choice:

  1. Send a value proposition letter to those who might want to hire you. This is the fastest way (3 months) and the most cost-effective (ROI averages 10:1).
  2. Wait for the job to become visible through a recruiter, job board, or networking. These work too, but they take 18 months on the average.

Employers prefer networking - it's less expensive than job boards and recruiters, and they get a better slate of candidates. Plus, they can reach thousands through social networking and get the best person at the lowest cost (their best buy).

Job-seekers prefer networking because they believe that's what employers want (which is true), and because they've been told it's the best way to find a job (but it's not).

To learn more and arrange a time to chat, send your letter and resume to