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Telephone Workshops & Webinar

This is our volunteer work to help those in need, regardless of salary. Anyone can attend, and everyone can benefit. For updates on workshops, subscribe to our newsletter on the right.

Saturday, February 11, 2012 - Cancelled

This free 90-minute telephone conference call starts at Noon Pacific Time, 1 PM Mountain, 2 PM Central and 3 PM Eastern.

Topic: 10+ ways to improve your job search odds.

To Register: Send your resume to and we'll send you the information you need to dial in and share our screen.

Previous workshops: Jan - Targeting, Dec - Mailing Lists, Nov - Websites and Video Clips, Oct - Value Propositions, Sep - Hidden Jobs.

logoNeed a custom workshop for your group?

Let us know and we'll arrange the details.

Why do we hold these workshops?

The answer is simpler than you might expect: We'd like to leave a legacy of helping as many job seekers as possible. This is our volunteer work, and to date we've helped thousands.

Some comments from participants

"Hi Mark, I listened to most of today's workshop and as usual found the information you shared with us interesting and informative. I have listened to several JobBait workshops over the last few years and always feel better and more informed after listening to them. Thank you very much for sharing and teaching us how to navigate these choppy waters. I have always been impressed with the generosity that you, your wife, and the other good folks that are part of your team impart to us. I wonder if you know how empowering and enriching this is to job seeker's (like myself)? It helps to give us a little more self-confidence when it is most needed (speaking for myself here). Thank you for everything. I look forward to hearing the next workshop whenever you have the time and/or inclination to put on another one." Sincerely, SW

"Mark, Just finished the webinar. Very good and helpful.  Saw your web site and short you tube video and found the graphs to be easy to follow.  I will be trying the direct mailings you recommend.  The biggest difficulty has been identifying/defining transferable skills moving from local government emergency services management to private industry.  Did glean some good thoughts and ideas from the webinar in this area. Thank you again." JP

"Hi Mark: Thank you for today's webinar..I am glad I took the time out of my Saturday!  As you know, there are a zillion job hunt resources out there, but I find your approach and resources very helpful. You first caught my eye with your Million Dollar Database U-Tube (the Boston Public Library has all those resources), so clearly you give valuable information. I was surprised to hear that (snail mail) letters are still a more effective, out-bound "media channel" - I used that approach over 20 years ago when it was more onerous, but it did get me interviews back then. In any case, this is information that I wanted to hear since it is less expensive than e-mail, as you say. Thanks again, and I will keep a close eye on your website and e-mails." TF

"Mark...I am now the Stake Employment Director for our Church with over 2300!  I can't tell you how much your influence and knowledge have enabled me to help people to understand how to find jobs...I have referenced your name many times and sent numerous people to your site to have a legitimate chance at having the knowledge and tools to get at the job market. The best to you and your family this Christmas Season with the utmost respect, friendship, and all of the blessings of a religious life well lived!" Gerald L

"If you're considering working with Mark, be prepared for a healthy dose of honesty about what you are doing in your career search and what you are probably doing wrong. Mark reminds me a bit of Dr. Phil, "tough love" and feedback that most people won't give you, but he will give it to you straight and provide tried and true methods to get results. I've followed Mark's work for years and he really can turn lead (Pb) into gold (Au). Give him a call ... you'll be glad you did!" SU

"Mark, please know that I am grateful for you sharing via your website and webcasts. It is encouraging to know that kindness, thoughtfulness, and compassion are still to be found. Thanks for all you do and who you are."   Best regards,   - DL

"Mark, I just wanted to let you know that I have landed a position! I started last Monday as the Director of Sales and Marketing for a vertical wind turbine manufacturer. It is an awesome position and I am having a ball." Jon

"After attending your seminar on value proposition letters, I wrote one to a company named (withheld). They made me an offer and I have been employed since June 1st." Rudy

"Our daughter Emilie has landed herself a short-term contract, and has an interview with Microsoft Friday morning, both thanks to your Fierce Job-Hunting tips!" Marjorie

"Darrel was with me at the session that you did at NW Church on that Saturday last month. When he got home he went over and did a new [value proposition] letter and got it out to several employers the following week. By the first week in February he has gotten a job in the area that he was doing some new training while on unemployment for the past 11 months. This has now widened his field of electrical work and combined the "energy stimulus package" that President Obama is pushing right now with our state and other states. He is working in the "Sustainable Works" field as of this coming Monday, February 15th, with the possibility of starting up the same program for the Snohomish County area in a few months. We would like to thank you for all the information that you shared with us during that session and wish you and your wife continued success with the program and time that you are donating to the unemployed." Cheryl

"Hi Mark, Just a note to thank you for the great technique to get introductions to key decisions makers and to get that initial interview. I attended your workshop on Saturday, 1/23 at the Northwest Church in Shoreline. I created my value proposition letter and researched my targeted mailing list on Monday. I printed 80 letters on Monday sometimes customizing them specifically for the company and 55 more letters on Tuesday. After assembling them on Tuesday evening, they went into the mail Wednesday morning. Today is Friday, 1/29, and this morning I received my first opportunity to meet with a legal, tax planning, and accounting services firm in Kirkland. I have also received email saying "no, thank you" and another saying the following: 'I received you letter yesterday and really liked it. You provide a unique, proactive, and attractive offer.' This is only noon on Friday. How many letters haven't been opened yet? Thursday, I sent out 20 more and I intend to keep sending more everyday as a part of my job search. This is a full time job but how wonderful when the response is so immediate. Thank you Mark!" Janet

"Mark, I came to one of your seminars a few weeks ago with [withheld]. I just wanted to tell you thanks for the help that you gave me. Your information is dead on and helped me to get a great job that's going to pay me about $20,000 more a year than I usually make and it only took me 1 1/2 weeks to do it. I have told everyone I know about the great stuff you're doing. God bless you and your wife and I hope you have a great holiday season. Warm regards," CS

"I sent out 65 letters last week and had 3 interviews this week! Thanks! IP

"Hi Mark. I thought that the Saturday workshop was excellent. I got additional information (although I had "attended" the Monday workshop), and all of my questions were well answered. Thanks a lot; you are providing a very valuable service." Dale

"Mark, I logged on and listened in on the call. Thanks so much for the information you and your wife provided." --Sara

"Thank you Mark & Cheryl for the workshop.  It was very informative and challenging.  Although this will be challenging, it is definitely well worth the effort.  Not only will it build self confidence as you say, but it will also build ones character.  Looking at who you are and what you want are not always easy things to do.  When you do, the results can be phenomenal. I look forward to other workshops with you." Sincerely, Tania

"Hi Mark,  Just attended your workshop.  The information presented was very good...heard and saw things I never thought about.  I think this will be helpful in finding the type of part time job I desire." Thank you, Juliett

"I truly enjoy your presentations. They are not only informative, but also very uplifting. You treat your guests with utmost courtesy and respect. I believe that your extra sensitivity and patience makes a big positive difference for your audience as enthusiasm, hope and self worth are boosted significantly." Tim

"Dear Mark and Cheryl, I have benefited so much from Mark's JobBait workshops and wanted to say how grateful I am to both of you for your kindness and generosity. Thank you so much for all you are doing to help job-hunters. I appreciate it very much." Warmly. EJ.

"Good job. Hey! I want to say to you that, despite having only the audio for the webinar, it was a pleasure. You and your wife provided an atmosphere that was caring and inviting in every way. You have a calming voice and a good sense of humor (while pushing the guilt trip ha ha)." Tim

"Dear Mark and Cheryl, Thank you so very much for your insight, your time and your gift to me and others today. It was a privilege to be a recipient of this precious gift of your time, knowledge and guidance.  God bless you and all yours. Thank you very much." Abraham

"I have just put down the phone after your free workshop. Oh! What a pleasure. It was so refreshing, so sincere, and so digestible. I am from South Africa, and have been here for just over a decade. This was straight talk, no "hot air" and how refreshing to be in this country and not feel that I needed to cover my tracks so that I would not be used for advertising or personal gain. Believe me, I love the USA, but this trend is so tiring.....thank you for giving me hope and inspiration.. I also loved how fluid the conversation was between the two of you!  Bravo!" Marcia

"Thank you Mark and Cheryl for coming to our Job Club. The information was great and very resourceful. We look forward to seeing you again." Tacoma WorkSource (hand written TYN)

"Hi Mark, I listened to your webinar today. I was a few minutes late, so am assuming that's why I was not able to get the video code number for full access.  But, the conference was so informative that, even with my phone audio ONLY, I loved every minute. What a great presenter you are! To listen to the "WOW"s come from the participants, put a big smile on my face. Thank you SO much for the positive contribution you are making to our world." Tim

"Mark, thanks again for the workshop today.  I feel that I've learned more in that session than in many of the sessions that I have attended in person. The session was extremely enlightening and a very practical approach to job searches today.  It has reinvigorated me with some fresh ideas in my search." William

"Mark: I followed your strategy for conducting a mailing to launch my consulting practice, which eventually led to this opportunity to be a CEO in the automotive industry again. Please feel free to use me as a reference that the process of mailing a compelling letter to targeted executives does work, even at the highest level. I will always be grateful for your assistance. Thank you." Mark

"Dear Mark, I would like to thank you for the help you have given me. I will be starting work for a company in Sumner called {withheld}. I will be starting after the contract for my employment is finalized and I get my start date and compensation package.   You have given me a path that has lead to a potential end to my employment problems of the past three years. Thank you again."   Kevin

"Hi Mark, Thank you for the workshop. Networking and job boards have, in the past, kept me employed. However, after 3 weeks being laid off, and over 4 months of actively searching (using networking and job boards) I have come up with absolutely nothing of any substance.   I knew I had to do something different, and this appears to be it." Kevin

"I really appreciate that you actually offered a class to teach something rather than just offering a class that is essentially a sales pitch for your products. I have participated on conference with some of your colleagues in the industry that offer "free" classes, and they basically provide you enough information to get you hooked and then tell you if you want to do it right, you need to buy their program or service. I felt like your class really was an educational opportunity, and not a hard sell, which I truly appreciated." Eric

"These workshops are a God-send, Mark, in terms of helping with re-employment and reaching decision-makers." Lee

"Thanks Mark & Cheryl. I just want to let you know how thankful I am to the both of you for your gracefulness and hospitality. It is few and far between that you meet people that show Gods love with no sermon involved, to love on people the way you both do is a fantastic thing, and worthy of all the accolades you have already received." Shawn

"I appreciate your perspective and your generosity in sharing your wisdom. You are making a difference in many lives!" With gratitude, Candace

"I want to personally thank you for your valuable time putting on the workshops, the video taping, your knowledgebase website and your sage advice. You and Cheryl are so generous and thoughtful, I feel truly blessed that our paths have crossed. I believe the help you gave me on my Value Proposition letter was key to getting my head around the value I could bring to a company as well as what I really wanted in my next position. It gave me the confidence in my interviews to really showcase what I could do for them." JW

"I want to let you know how much I've enjoyed your workshop. I've already spread the word to several friends and groups. I'm really looking forward to the workshop next week." CH

"I found a position at [withheld] and hope to move up in the system." KG

"Thank you for sharing your valuable expertise in the job-hunting workshop yesterday. I was really impressed with your recommended strategies; it made more sense than anything I've ever read or heard on the subject." DM

"I attended your workshop yesterday and wanted to thank you for the time and energy you have volunteered to help others in the community. I found the information very helpful, and I’m looking forward to attending again." LB

"Thank you for the feedback. I re-wrote my letter and have gotten 3 calls with it already!!!!!" RM

"I want you to know that 3 of my members [of a professional networking group] have attended your workshop and each found it extremely valuable. We are now advertising your workshop to our entire membership on our group calendar." JM

"Thank you very much for the generous giving of your time, your knowledge, and your wisdom at yesterday's Fierce seminar. It was FANTASTIC! I came out of it with some great ideas that I will implement before next Thursday's meeting." LK

"Hi Mark and Cheryl. This was so informative. I have been thinking about starting a Personal Assistant business for a while, but didn’t quite know how to go about it. Listening to this solo-consulting phone meeting has inspired me to use your techniques to get going. Cannot wait to hear further topics so I can plug in my idea for a business to your methods." Thank you. Terry

"Dear Mark, Excellent Teleconference. The foursome of you, Cheryl, Art and Jim tagged team to do an excellent job. There was good synergy between all of you. Everyone made timely contributions to content and understanding. You were able to funnel the content through a pre-planned question format and communicate answers effectively. What stood out with me was the process approach that Art Ritter embraces passionately and the insightful views on marketing shared by Jim Rosemary. Thank you one and all." Best regards, Denny

"Excellent workshop! Thank you. Please keep me on your mailing list." MM

"Good call. Well presented data. I personally love making decisions based on data so to see huge amounts of data reported to highlight things I’m interested in is helpful. I would definitely consider a move so looking at the industries and metropolitan areas in recession is quite interesting. I’m also reminded that I can use the library to drill down to company info. I like it. I like Cheryl being on the call too." GR

"Mark, Your workshop today was very helpful, as have the previous workshops I attended. I can’t think of anything to make them better at the moment. Thank you for providing this valuable service for the DO IT YOURSELFERS. What a blessing you are!" CJS Texas

"Mark, You and Cheryl did a great job on conducting the workshop today. Congratulations! The subject introduction in the beginning of the workshop frames the expectation for the audience. The tag team approach by you and Cheryl demonstrated a powerful way to conduct the workshop. It added a fresh perspective and a different pace to the topic of focus. Sprinkling in the emailed-questions adds a real-life feeling and excitement to the workshop." DS

"Loved the analysis of the actual letters. Came away with renewed emphasis on making letters about them instead of "I", including your passion and translate flowery words into specific dollars and percent achievements." JC

"Hi Mark, I have thoroughly enjoyed the last couple of weeks of free JobBait webinars. Your information is very straight forward and easy to understand. I will most certainly be on hand for this week’s webinar on creating your Value Proposition letter." SC

"Thanks for the webinar on mailings. I think your webinars are an excellent marketing too. The information was very good, especially relating to damaging your printer. I will add some of your tips to the information I give my clients and mention your website as a resource for those who would like to outsource the administrative details of their job search." EK

"Hi Mark, I would like to thank you and your colleague for giving the webinar on websites and video clips in my job search. Your webinar was timely as I have wanted to put up my own websites, but didn't know quite where to start. Now I have some concrete ideas and specific tips for the site." MH

"Mark, good afternoon: Today's conference call was very valuable. It brought to life the need for a good video clip on my website and outlined well the suggested genre of said clip. This made a great deal of sense and was, for me, the biggest takeaway." MM

"Thank you for a great session Mark! I signed up because I had no idea how to begin, despite knowing for an extended period of unemployment that I need a website. I found almost everything to be valuable (I’m probably dating myself, but…), but found the segment on the value and how-to’s of videos especially helpful and informative. I had not had the intention of doing a video, or a clue how to, until today." EW

"Mark and all: Thank you for the excellent information today. I learned much usable information and I need to check out your website. I’ll be back next week. I wish I knew about you for the value proposition session. I’ll catch it next time." NL

"Thank you for all the information and tools you gave on your "Fierce Job-Hunting Workshop." I especially appreciate the way you clearly walked us through how to use the resources on your website. I also thank you for making it so easy to ask questions by email as well as by phone. Your answer to my telecommuting question greatly expanded my options and thinking, not just for me but for my community." JW

Help us help others

We provide our services free to those in need, including the homeless. Your donations go directly toward these efforts.

Workshop ClassHow these workshops started

Auburn, WA - February 2009: "The needs of job-seekers have never been greater than they are right now," Mark Hovind, the President of JobBait, said in a meeting with Auburn WA Mayor Peter Lewis. "Unemployment is growing and people are losing their homes, their pride, their self-respect and their dignity. Let's do something about it." Mayor Lewis agreed and offered to let participants use City facilities provided they lived, worked or shopped in Auburn. The Auburn workshops were so successful, some participants were driving from as far away as Canada and Oregon to attend.

In April 2010 a free telephone conference call was added so that job-seekers could attend from anywhere in the world.

In late 2010, we started holding workshops at the Goodwill and WorkForce Central in Tacoma.

In September 2011, we added a telephone workshop on Saturday so those working could attend, and to allow participants to use free cell phone minutes on the weekend. 

Seattle Times

The Seattle Times covered our workshop on March 7, 2010. Click here to see the article. Ivan Phillips, who's mentioned in the article, found a job and started work on March 10, 2010.