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If you’ve read anything on this website, you've learned about reality, stats, action, results and doing what works best for you. You've also learned how to achieve maximum traction in your job search through every means possible, with the best return on investment.

Mark worked his way up through the ranks after graduating with a BS in Systems Engineering from the University of Illinois. He's held positions of staff engineer, VP, Director, GM, COO and CEO. He's helped small companies and large, including Transamerica, Delco, and Aramco in Saudi Arabia (82-84). He's managed hundreds of employees and helped take two companies public.

Mark pioneered, tested, and proved the stand-alone value proposition letter (which gets 6 times more responses than resumes) and is the industry leader by wide margin. Unlike other career coaches, Mark has been responsible and accountable for businesses with sales in the millions and workforces in the hundreds. His value proposition letters reflect this experience.

His consulting background includes ingredients you might not expect. For example, he was on the Governor's task force for the state equivalent of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. He taught CEO 101 courses for business owners, and college-credit courses in Operations Management and Personal Computers. Plus, his background includes turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions. 

The spirit of our services

Just so you know, we do not, have not and won't ever prey on the fears and vulnerabilities of job seekers. We offer high-payback solutions (average 10:1) to those who want help, and workshops for those who want to do it themselves.

About JobBait clients

Most of our clients earn $300k+, and 15% earn more than $1 million. Some are 8-figure executives. Most are Presidents and CEOs, including a Fortune 10 President and a Superbowl star (on the cover of Sports Illustrated). We also serve clients overseas.

Our clients are discreet, passive, confident, and confidential. They're not overexposed, and they don't look desperate.

You'll find us many places ...

RiteSiteRiteSite: JobBait is honored to be the only direct mail provider that gets referrals from John Lucht, author of Rites of Passage at $100,000 to $1 Million+ and owner of John notes: "Looking for help? These people [JobBait] merit your consideration."

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You'll find Mark's work included in several books. Here are two recent publications:

Testimonials from JobBait clients

From a CEO: "Hi, Mark. One of my interviews turned into an offer and job. I start on Wednesday as Chief Operating Officer of {withheld}.  I got 3 interviews and 1 offer so I would say my direct mailing was a huge success.  This is especially true when you figure in the fact that I mailed in December in a deteriorating economy." KN

From a COO: "I have been meaning to thank you for the help you provided. We have relocated to ... Florida and love it here. I joined a $100M operating division of a $2B ... company as Chief Operating Officer. In addition, I just received a verbal offer as GM of the whole facility, so all is going very well. For the record I received at least 14 solid interviews with at least half of these leading directly to offers. I had the luxury of moving before accepting the job, because I had multiple offers here .... The two overriding pieces of my successful job search were great resume and the highly targeted direct mail. You played a key role and I thank you." CC

From a VP of Marketing: "Hi Mark. I just got another call from the CEO of a $464M international company and once again the letter and website did their jobs. Our first discussion was about 15-20 minutes with him repeating back several items from my info. This is unlike in the past where the discussions were always more exploratory – rather, they seem to have confidence in my value and jump right into discussions on how to make it happen for them. I know the process was longer and more detailed than I expected and the editing sessions brutal, but the results speak for themselves. I am now in the third week since my mail drop and the calls and emails still keep coming in. They started the Monday after my Friday mail drop and have been steady ever since. Things are still popping. I just got an email from a $2 billion healthcare company for a phone interview with the head of their Global Talent Acquisition at the request of the CEO. The results have been great and looking good. As a result of your coaching and packaging, I even got a personal note from Xxxx, the CEO of [$XX Billion company], in response to the letter, and my package is currently making the rounds there. Once again – thanks!" DM.

From a CEO: "When you first told me how much work was involved with a value proposition letter, I thought 'yea, right, it can't be that hard.' And then, OMG, after being through it with you, you were right. There's no way to explain this to others until they've been through it." SN

From a CEO: "I ended up with 2 CEO offers and accepted one.  I had some other opportunities that were in progress but they could not close fast enough to catch up with the 2 offers." CK

From a President: "Mark, thank you for rescuing me! As you know, my Board of Directors gave me a very expensive outplacement package with [one of the largest national firms]. Most of what they did for me I already knew how to do, and after 4 months I was frustrated and discouraged. Then a friend of mine told me about JobBait and everything changed. You opened doors that I never knew were there, and the results speak for themselves - I got over a dozen interviews and two offers - one of them as the CEO with Xxxx. Mark, you should be offering your services to companies - they don't know what they're missing. Now that I am the CEO, if I need to outplace one of my key executives you can be sure that I will be sending them to you. Thank you again." RM

From a CFO: "Hi Mark. I accepted a position at a medical technology company in Minneapolis with a substantial increase in total comp. In total I mailed 1,177 letters and got 7 responses. The website got 106 unique visitors, so nearly 10% of the target audience at least viewed the website." KB

From a President: "Mark, I got 2 offers within 30 days, accepted a President position in early June. I was out of the job market for 6 weeks, or really 2 weeks after I got the mailing together. Ironically, the letter that won the day was shared with a sister company that made the offer. Thanks." DM

From a CEO: "Mark, thank you for your honesty, candor and diligence. Your approach is refreshing compared to all the other service providers, and you delivered far more than I expected. I've already received several phone calls and have two job offers in the works - and it's only been two months since my mailing went out. Thank you!" GM

From a President: "Thank you Mark for a job well done. You opened my eyes to a process that - until now - I did not understand. I've landed as President of Xxxx with bonus options that exceed my base. You were right about targeting local companies - it worked better than expected." BR

From an Executive Resume Writer: "Mark's a great guy and I respect him a lot--I love that he has stats for what is a tough sell--gives my clients confidence that he is the real deal and not a rip off. His mind is a steel trap! And he's an ethical player in a problematic field. Will spend hours and hours with a client getting the details of the list just right. He's one of the good guys and you can trust him." DD

From a Fortune 10 Division President: I wish I had known of Mark Hovind's existence sooner as his business model is unique and very reasonably priced. More importantly Mark's professionalism and client attention is exceptional. His creative attention to detail, based on years of experience in the business, is both invaluable and necessary, and he doesn't let you off the hook as he knows what is required to succeed. CB

From a COO: I start on Wednesday as COO of The {omitted) Financial Group in The Woodlands TX. Out of my 2,100 letters, I got 3 interviews and 1 offer so I would say my direct mailing was a huge success. This is especially true when you figure in the fact that I mailed in December 08 in a deteriorating economy. Thanks for all your help. I will keep in touch. KN

From a CEO/Consultant: I am still getting new calls and emails periodically including one from the Chairman of a public Alt Energy Company in Colorado the day before yesterday. He called after reading the letter (he has been traveling) and is one of the few who did not access my web site first. Within the first four weeks I had accepted two paying clients and had about a dozen active opportunities. I am still considering another six client proposals. So far my income is above target. JC

From a Marketing Executive: "I have a deal. Got what I wanted, including VP Channel Marketing and 2%to 4% of top line sales, no cap!!! Will call you tomorrow (taking wife out to dinner). Website helped me position my argument and close the deal. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" GS

From a CEO: "Mark has been invaluable in the process of fine tuning ... and refining ... and improving ... and managing ... and inspiring me in the direct mail program. He has been an incredible tool and an oasis in the stress of looking for a new job... truly outstanding." DC

From a President: "Mark, I wanted to thank you formally for the incredible job you did for me through JobBait. Your service was consistently on track with what you promised, many times above and beyond the call of contract. As someone who ‘ran the gauntlet’ before without you (but with a major competitor to assist), I have even greater appreciation of the service you provided. The data you’ve collected is unique and second to none, ditto the analysis. Your attention to detail and understanding of what constitutes a professional mailing exceeded requirements. I would recommend you to any VP or C-level executive wishing to utilize this method." SL

From a CFO: "Time and money well spent. I wish I had utilized this service years ago. Mark saved me untold hours of frustration, over utilization of resources, and wasted monies. By following Mark’s suggestions, I was able to refine and broaden my search. He has an uncanny ability to make me feel as though the final product was all because of me." BK

From a CEO: "Mark, I cannot thank you enough for your help. The direct mail campaign that you helped me develop launched my consulting practice within weeks. My clients now provide more income than my former job - and it's growing fast! I could not have done this without you! JP

From a President: "What I value most about working with Mark is his professionalism and the advice he gave me about related matters. Mark is candid and that makes his counsel all the more valuable. I have dealt with other outfits for mass mailing/e-mailing, and would not go back to any of them after working with Mark." JM

Against all odds: A highly-compensated textile CEO with twenty years experience (all in textiles) lost his job. The challenge ahead was staggering because textile industry employment had gone down 75% in 10 years. And he could not relocate because of family matters. He targeted several thousand local companies outside of textiles and received 17 calls, 8 long phone interviews and 6 follow-up interviews ... all within 9 weeks. He turned down 2 job offers and accepted a third that offered ownership. His thank you note read in part: "Six years ago the retained recruiters found my new job. This time it was the direct mail - a numbers game. Only 1/2% had any interest but those 1/2% really needed someone at that time. Thanks for all your help along the way." DC

From a CEO to a JobBait client: "I want to compliment you on your introduction and web site. Having a direct marketing background myself, I can readily detect a well-thought out strategy when I see one. It stands out, head and shoulders amongst the fray of resumes and approaches that we typically receive." Respectfully, GS

From a VP of Marketing: "Mark, what you've done is amazing. I've been on the job boards and networking for the last 2 years with almost no results. Your direct mail campaign produced results in less than 6 weeks. I got over a dozen calls, 4 interviews and an offer I couldn't turn down. Then, after I accepted, I got another offer. I will be telling all my colleagues about you. Thank you, thank you." AB

From a Business Consultant: "You were right - direct mail does work for consulting. I must confess that I was skeptical about using this to find new clients, but it worked. What I spent on direct mail paid for itself immediately - I landed two new clients with contracts that total $55,000 in 2 months and my sales pipeline is now full. More contracts are on the way. Thank you for your help." RA

From a General Manager: "Thank you so much for your professional and personal touch service. I would highly recommend you and your services to any candidate searching for a new position. Your down to earth and confident approach was a pleasant blessing in the competitive and sometimes overbearing world of career guidance. You spent the time on what matters most in a targeted mailing, helping me select the most productive database of prospective employers. I hope this helps future customers understand the often confusing world of resume targeted mailings. There are too many firms out there trying to take more money than your services costs and deliver cookie cutter." KB

From a President: " and Mark Hovind are unique. The business model that Mark provides is the best combination of tools for the candidate to present themselves to prospective employers. Mark's passion for perfection is obvious. Every facet is covered because every facet is critical. There are many added benefits and street savvy advice that Mark provides that are condensations of years of experience-too many to list. I recommend JobBait to any executive job seeker without reservation." MM

From a Global Marketing Director: "My search picked up speed rapidly and I was very busy. I have accepted an offer, just 2 months after deciding to update my resume. It came through the mailing, as did 3 of the 4 most advanced opportunities I have at the moment. My colleagues ... are so impressed by the success of my marketing campaign that you might get a few inquiries from [them]. If you do, ask how they found you. It would not surprise me if I connected them with you." JM