Prices depend on how many letters you send. Small quantities cost more per letter, and large quantities cost less.

  • The average is $2.30 per letter including postage (see the specification below). This includes developing your value proposition letter, targeting, and mailing list.

To get 85% odds in 90 days, you should plan on sending 4,000 letters per $100k in salary. (details) You can send all your letters on the same day, or progressively over time in smaller quantities. The minimum quantity for each mailing is 1,000.

To learn more, send your letter and resume to to arrange a time to chat.

Should you do it yourself?

If you do, here's how much you can benefit:

  • At $100k, your sweat equity will be worth about $30 per hour
  • At $170k, you sweat equity will be worth about $10 per hour
  • At $250k, we can do it for less than you can

You make the call.

engraved-stationeryJobBait's engraved letter specification

Repeated surveys confirm that decision makers are 6 times more responsive to images that express professionalism, attention to detail, and a "sense of caring" about identity management.

This is why JobBait clients get the very best that money can buy.

Each letter is engraved, merged, individually addressed, imaged, offset printed with your signature in blue, folded, stuffed, sealed, stamped and delivered to you for a local postmark.

Your letter is executive-size (7¼" by 10½"), 24# Cranes Crest, 100% cotton, and watermarked.

  • You have a choice paper colors: Fluorescent White, Natural White or Moonstone Grey.
  • The header (your name and contact info) is engraved with a hard metal die. You can see it and feel it, and you just know. It's raised above the surface of the letter, and the elegance is unbeatable.
  • Engraving ink can be any color. We recommend grey because it "mutes" you and puts the decision-maker first.
  • The date, decision-maker's name, title and address (inside address), and body of the letter are merged in each letter and laser imaged in black. Each letter is unique.
  • Your signature is exactly like you sign it, in blue - the diamond of your mailing - perfected and offset printed on each letter.
  • Each letter typically includes a custom postscript for specific groups of industries that you're targeting. This is sometimes called "mass customization."

Resumes are not recommended. See why.

Your envelope is executive-size (3.88" by 7.5"), 24# Cranes Crest, 100% cotton, watermarked, and individually addressed to each recipient. Your return address is engraved on the front or back flap, whichever you prefer. The envelopes match your letters.

The stamp is included - a real, first-class 45¢ flag stamp.

There are no shortcuts in our specification. Six and seven figure executives deserve the best, and care enough to send the very best ... anything less would be tasteless and cheap.